2019 colours for Bellevue Park Wool

This year I have been working for Bellevue Park Wool, dyeing their current hand dyed range of 10 colours. Jim and family have had a busy year, not just looking after the sheep, but also taking the yarn on the road to Wool and craft shows. I am in awe of how they get so much done! Jim has also talked with thousands of customers to get a feel for what his customers want.

Jim and I have been working on 20 new hand dyed colours to launch at their open day on 17th November. That brings the hand dyed colour range up to 30 shades in 2, 4 and 8 ply! I’m very excited! The best thing about working together is that because we have different colour tastes there will be colours for everyone in the range. Here are a couple of sneaky peeks of new and current colours together.

TOP Patersons Curse, (New) Gooseberry jam, Primrose.

BOTTOM Waterhole, (New) Blue, Galvanised Iron.


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